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Hey guys, this is Joe Delfgauw here, well known internet marketer,  blogger, author and speaker.  I’m going to explain to you very briefly how to make money from fan pages.  And then I’m going to list all the fan pages that I own and let you see how I do it.

If you have a business then you need to figure out your demographic and find them on facebook and create a page and advertise to it.  But this is actually for people who do not have a business, who just want to learn how to create a business for nothing using affiliate marketing products.

For example, we represent a weight loss product.  We have created fan pages for people who need to lose weight.  Single mom’s entrepreneurial page, stay at home moms, personal trainers, new moms, fundraising for churches and engaged women are six types of people who need our health and wellness product.  So we create the fan pages and we advertise those fan pages to our demographic.

For Example, there are 2.2 million engaged women on FB. So, 2.2 million engaged women a day will see our ad for losing weight before your wedding.  It’s a wonderful way to advertise and you can create a marketing campaign around your products.  For more information on how to create a fan page based business, like our page at Fan Page Income Streams on Facebook

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